OVA Hypnosis Guidance – For Yui Obata – Saimin Seishidou Episode 1 Subbed


OVA Hypnosis Guidance # 1 For Yui Obata
Hajime Tanaka, who controls powerful hypnosis, puts hypnosis on all students and teachers in the school he attends. Be appointed by the government to be a sex instructor and follow all instructions from the sex instructor. And the couple should get “instruction” by the sex instructor before kissing or having sex. The first couple to receive sexual guidance is Yui Obata and Daiki Tachibana. Daiki enthusiastically watches over how to kiss and caress. Tanaka’s insult, which he called “instruction,” deprives the maiden of Yui as a matter of course …

OVA催眠性指導 #1 小幡優衣の場合

ジャンル: 催眠 , 女子校生 , 学園もの , 寝取り・寝取られ , 巨乳

Date: May 24, 2020