I like it. – 好きです…かなり。

I like ... quite.  / Cover author / diamond-shaped Tomaru
I like it. / 好きです…かなり

[Title] I like it. / 好きです…かなり。
[Genre] Adult comics
[Cartoon author] Toshimaru Hishigata
[Release date] June 2019
[Published magazine] Rakuten Rakuten BEAST and others
[Structure] All 10 episodes / omnibus

[Heroine] JS-Married Woman
[Style] Small Breasts-Big Breasts

[Situation] With a maid like a robot … / The only boy entered a former girls’ school / The daughter of a bad boy and a boxed daughter / A baby-faced petite girlfriend and a neat boyfriend / Comical / Pure love / Gachilori etc.

Story synopsis

● Apartment maid

A man was injured in a car accident by a director of a major electronics manufacturer. No need to be hospitalized and get enough comfort In addition, the maid will take care of you. However, “I can’t even do masturbation in my daily routine”, a restless man. When I instinctively wanted to “shikoshiko” in the toilet, the maid who stood behind behind said “I was afraid”. Masturbation with your own mouth She seems to be free to use Oma, she gives her ass out. However, the man who was worried at all times, whether he was having sex or not, was worried, “Isn’t he angry about what you like?”

To the expressionless maid, cum shot from the back

● Let’s share boys!

Kawamoto-kun, the only man who entered a co-educated girls’ school. At the time of physical education, I was invited by a girl who was really a gal to etch in the equipment room. I came to look for it, but I was scolded by a class member who seems to be really serious … I thought that it was a girl girl and I got into 3P Next up was the duo who was looking for a chairman. Class girls appearing one after another afterwards Wait for the empty cock to start a line for physical education lessons …

Kawamoto, the only man at school, has sex with a class girl during a physical education class

● Sweet Mocha

A man traveling in a foreign country Get acquainted with Sharifa, an exotic girl who has lost her waist due to turbulence in an airplane. I was guided to my home saying “Thank you” Half a month of hospitality Finally getting married. So, two people who come back to Japan and enjoy their marriage. I couldn’t use the bath together because of cultural reasons, but it’s OK if I wear the “Swimsuit Modoki” that I got from her country, so now …

Love-love SEX in a bath with an exotic woman Sharifa

● Bad things

Sister married a rich man Such a younger brother called a party held every week like this Poor security guard, that is, Pumpy does not fit. A woman who gladly called out to such a Pumpy man, “Ojisama”. My sister’s marrying partner, Mani-chan, a niece in law. A girl in a box with a monophone, naive After all, I don’t even know a man or a doubt Still, I was full of curiosity, and a perfect duck for a bad guy …

An uncle who teaches the taste of sex to a boxed lady's niece

● Little Maternal

Baby face Petite Mami Even though I visited the company for a job interview, I was mistaken for a child visiting a society. Boyfriend living together laughs She got sick and went to bed by herself. He used to be a himonito, but he suddenly reversed his position. I’m a little lonely and happy to be fed by him One day When I got home from the interview, I found a boyfriend Takashi who is falling over in the room probably because of overwork When you can hold me “I’m tired … I quit my job and become a baby.”

Love life of a child and her neat boyfriend

● White licker

Ariumi-kun working part-time at a liquor store. At the end of work, for some reason I was asked to deliver by personal appointment. When I thought that the destination was a familiar name, Tachibana Suita, a classmate in high school It’s an old story about having a dating in a room and saying, “Let’s go out a little.” However, there is no big memory for her who was rear-filled. How uncomfortable Then she “Did Ariumi not dating anyone? Did you really like me?” Perhaps because of liquor, I was pressed with a glossy appearance …

Reunited with a high school classmate, forced her to love her

● Sweets Sweep

An all-you-can-eat woman who keeps the room dirty and a caring man who cleans up while complaining Two childhood friends, Kotoko and Se-chan Good friends, but no further progress I was called to Hatsumode at a rather early time and was cleaning her room. I’m trying to work Kotoko who kneads it all the time Suddenly kissed, forced to have sex …

Zubora girls Kotoko, first experience in estrus mode & cowgirl sex

● Ikeknife Uhu

Half a year since we got married Miho, a wife who is loved by her favorite husband everyday and is full of happiness My husband / reconstruction is worried that I have never ejaculated

“What is wrong …” She asked herself and found an erotic video for a masochist hidden under her husband’s bed.

When I asked the question, “If it is not a blameable situation, it will be cool”

“I didn’t pour it on … Look at that! Tissue!” Jealousy Miwa’s Sanpo As the husband’s video shows, she looks like a face-to-face cowgirl Then, the rebellious Mr. Chinchin, I got so much more than I have seen. With a little cost, the semen splattered with great momentum …

Boxed wife Miho, face cowgirl according to her husband's hobby

● Sister 6 o’clock

You-kun moved to an apartment to get a job Onee-chan = all-you-can-eat with your sister next door. At first, I was allowed to eat rice, but when I was scolded by my boss and cried in the closet, he would become “Onee-chan”. Recently, when I got home, I sucked on her tits. The hardened cock is a sister who comforts with chewy and handjob Like infant play, like incest play. I’m addicted to a relationship that I don’t understand …

Bloodless sister and brother, incest like sex

● I want to do it!

A curious girl elementary school student, Shione-chan. My friend, Mika-chan, really accepts the phrase “I’ll have sex”. In the flow, Oji-chan of Hentai, I decided to visit the room of my relatives Mika’s mother who came near and try to have a trial etch. So, the man who immediately noticed that Mika was lying Hodai doing this situation. After depriving Shione-chan of her virginity, A punishment shot for Mika who had been doing mischief …

Female elementary school student Shine-chan, from curiosity to the middle-aged neat opponent first experience & loss of virginity

Impressions and Evaluation

There are idiots, pure love, and gachilori. Anyway, adult comics with extreme impact About half the story is a comical story with more gag than erotic. Too honestly, I can not use it as a nukineta with a hugely deformed heroine I can only think that I am trying to laugh rather than erotic. If you think about it, there is also a very erotic story about sex education for a boxed lady. There is a pure love between childhood friends At the end, the one that has no hint

It was kind of funny, but the target seemed to be too blurry. As expected, the big breasts and Gachilori are not compatible at all, right? As for the erotic scene, as mentioned above. Nearly half of them are gag and huge breasts, so it is difficult to use as a nukineta But I’m not bad at drawing, and the other half is pretty usable.

For Hijo, where evaluation is difficult Don’t expect much as Nukineta, if you read it with a focus on story (gag) … And for those who like big breasts Well, such a feeling, recommended death to those who like stupid erotic and big breasts!