Begging Pussies / おねだりプッシーズ

Begging Pussies / Cover Author / Nanami Cat

[Title] Begging Pussies
[Genre] Adult comic
[Cartoon author] Naoko Cat Naomi
[Release date] June 2019
[Published magazine] Kai Rakuten BEAST
[Composition] All 11 episodes / omnibus

[Heroine] JK ~ Married Woman
[Style] Big Tits Only

of women man / was in the “right place”
lucky lecher / Christmas Eve
original married woman and … / got a job lost the husband
of the baby-faced petite woman, man Oto and how /
comical Costume H · of men and women Front and back etc.

 Story synopsis

● Spring break

A tanned gal who passed college at Sensate

Call me at home saying “I want to thank you” …

Sunburn gals having reverse rape and having sex with the teacher

● Right hand work

The girl who injured her right hand and the man who injured her

Can’t afford to pay for treatment, but takes responsibility and supports her life as a “right hand alternative”

From opening and closing the door to raising and lowering tights

A girl who is in good shape as a man who does anything

Wash body in the bath, remove bra, request replacement of sanitary products

Also, the relationship between nature and the body …

Men and women who have a relationship of body from the relationship of only the right hand

● Oshikake Holy Night

Christmas Eve at an apartment

Don Chan discovers a girl in a Santa hat is entangled with her neighbors

A man who pretended to contact Kesatsu and issued a rescue boat

The child in the Santa hat that was saved

Two neighbors next to the man’s room saying, “I’ll be back when it’s quiet ~”

He was a good man, and he gave me a bite cake as a souvenir. I’m going up before I go home

Undress OK sign

However, the man is more sick than I expected …

Gift from Santa, One Night Love with Girls

● Her secret

A woman who lost her husband and started to work

It was not easy to adapt to the workplace, and it was a man in charge of education who was thrown in circle by the manager “Please do something”

She preached with a sardine, but she got drunk immediately and went down

I was refused to take a taxi, so I had no choice but to go to the hotel to intervene.

However, when I noticed that it was a love hotel because of the glittering interior, I woke up and had an excuse for her. It feels like you’ve been able to get along with your injury

I heard that he was divorced because he had an affair with him, not with his husband.

“It’s a waste of such a beautiful wife …”

Office worker who brought a colleague who was drunk and asleep to Love Ho

● uneven play

Baby face petite Ohara

My colleague Kumagai-kun told me that he was “like a child,” and I couldn’t get angry.

When I got drunk and sent me home, he said, “I’m feeling sick … Can you take it off? It wouldn’t be a problem to see a bare child, right?”

A sexy provocation, Kumagai’s erection is about to erect

“What’s wrong? Against children. Is it a lolicon?”

To tell the truth, she, also from a petite mother,

It seems that a man doesn’t come out with such an appearance …

Baby-faced petite OL Ohara-chan, the first etch is a blame on the queen's chick

● Fujun Koui

At a certain cosplay festival

A cosplay man who was careful of the camera kid who tried to take the bratilla of the cosplayer girl

It will be cut backwards and you will be caught and the costume will be torn

I asked the girl who helped me to fix it in my home apartment, “Why are you in the neighborhood?”

She has a hobby of making her own costume

I want to try making his tall and slender costume. It should be just measuring the size, but why is it in a horny direction ……

Encounter of cosplay girls and cosplay boys, getting deeply excited and getting angry

● Video of rumors

Adult video study circle named Video Study Group

I refused to the girl I visited, “Isn’t it like a girl here?” But said, “I want to hear the video and the details of people …”

If you ask, “I’m in trouble with the spread of rumored AV actress who looks like me”

“Isn’t it the grudge against the lightly treated Tenniser?”

In fact, the director of Tenisar asked me to rent out the original AV of Ruwa

Do naughty things, including saying “Compare and verify”

A female college student who is shy and takes out an AV that looks like himself

● MVP is you!

A high school with club activities

A girl who became a female manager in the baseball club, but turned around without doing any work

I was threatened by the fact that it would affect my grades … so I decided to support the team at least.

However, she plans to make a Showa-flavored long run cheerleader, but she is given the cheerleader’s clothes and does not know what to do.

Forcing a captain to practice

However, the captain swells in the abnormally exposed Chiacos

To Saddle who can be made to be the opponent of the female manager who noticed it …

A female manager who does not work, serving the captain's cock with daily gratitude

● Always together

A college student who couldn’t put his hand out even though he made his junior girlfriend

At last she was tempted by her and got into Loveho

She seems to be innocent

However, when he gets out of the bath, he becomes suspicious. For some reason, a cutter beside the condom

“Did you make it?”

A man who suspects he had a hole in the rubber. I wanted to check the workmanship, but she asked me to put it on and couldn’t refuse

If this happens, I’ll give you a blowjob, change it after ejaculating once

The fierce offensive under Mugen, the last time I won …

Yandere-like junior girlfriend, first sex is cowgirl in cowgirl

● Knot and stack

A man who was asked to be a girlfriend by a woman who thought he was “from a friend”

I want to cross the line somehow

Performed “Summer Festival! Yukata Date Operation”

Bring a yukata and invite you to a summer festival date, touch it with a tie to help you dress

It was Sequois

However, this strategy is a big hit

“… Isn’t that true?” But I was touched here and there, and I was pressed with a stiff penis

She who was hit by a humorous enthusiasm

“I’m crazy about it, so I don’t mind if I like it …”

A woman who was worshiped and became a girlfriend, a boyfriend who wants to spear, the first etch in Yukata operation

 Impressions and evaluation

Adult comics with men and women’s encounters, first etch, a little comical

“Right hand work” was fun, but it would have been even more fun if I expanded it to include metamorphosis play.

Ohara-chan, the baby-faced face of “Uneven play”, was a strike

S provoking provocatively, so the shy face afterwards is GOOD

The suspicious junior of “always together” was also good

In terms of sensation, there are about half and half funny stories

I think it’s good as an erotic manga story

Erotic scene is not bad

It’s not bad, but it’s just normal play and normal sex, so it might be a little irritating. Where you want immoral eros

Does it feel like it’s totally clean?

About one or two, I think it’s okay if you have blown out play or crazy characters

With such a feeling, it is recommended for people who like a little adult bargaining and love comedy flavor!

By the way, the title of pussy (pussy)

It seems to be a word that refers to the pubic area of ​​a kitten or a woman to be etched